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Stop Smoking

How hypnotherapy can help you

Stop Smoking ChltenhamThe use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you to overcome the emotional elements of physical or emotional conditions or and ailments.

These vary from helping you to overcome your fears and anxieties through to the breaking of addiction cycles.

Many people have experienced positive changes in their life, as a result of having used hypnosis in order to change unwanted or limiting behaviours.

Stop Smoking Programme

If you smoke, it’s highly likely that you may have already tried to stop smoking either by will-power alone or perhaps by using one of the nicotine replacement treatments. If you’re reading this then you are making your first important step towards stopping smoking by using hypnotherapy – please give me a call to learn more about the Stop Smoking Programme.

The success rate is extremely high and the only pre-requisite in order for this to be successful is your real desire and commitment to stop smoking. If however you don’t really want to stop or you’re just trying to please someone else, then this will not work. You truly have to WANT to stop smoking.

“But for most smokers the most effective technique was hypnosis, which included 48 studies covering over 6000 smokers, gave an average success rate of 80 per cent for this method.”

The highly successful Easy Quit Smoking Program that Rachel uses received the Hypnotherapy Society’s 1998 award for clinical excellence. In just one 90-120 minute session you could become a non-smoker.

“Hypnosis is the most effective way of stopping smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit.”

During the session, I will spend time gathering information from you to gain an insight into your relationship with your smoking habit and discuss this in depth. I will then gently guide you into a deeply relaxed and pleasant state and place positive hypnotic suggestions in the subconscious of your mind. This will help you to start thinking like a non-smoker, reducing your craving and enable you to start enjoying the thought of a healthy future, as outlined in the benefits below.

“The least successful method turned out to be advice from GPs, which appears to convince virtually no one to give up.”

The Stop Smoking Programme consists of a one-off session which lasts between 1.5–2 hours and costs only £244.00. (Please note a deposit of £133.00 is required to book this therapy programme which is non-refundable if the client fails to keep the booking). Just imagine how much money you can save by stopping smoking when you consider how much money you throw away each week, each month and each year!

In the unlikely event that you start smoking again then I offer a free booster session (valid for one month from original booking), however this is genuinely rarely needed.

Please don’t hesitate to give me a call if you have any questions or if just want to have a chat about stopping smoking. Please note some will power will be required.

*(Source of quotes were taken from the New Scientist vol 136 issue 1845-31 October 92).

The benefits of stopping smoking

Stopped smoking for – Low Risk Stopped smoking for – High Risk Benefit
20 minutes 20 minutes Blood pressure drops to normal
Pulse rate drops to normal
Temperature of hands and feet returns to normal
8 hours 8 hours Carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal
Oxygen level in blood increases to normal
24 hours 24 hours Chance of heart attack decreased
48 hours 48 hours Nerve endings start to regrow
Smell and taste improved
2 weeks 3 months Circulation improves
Exercise, including walking, becomes easier
Lung function increased by up to one-third
1 month 9 months Cilia regrow in lungs and airways, increasing lung’s self-maintenance
Energy levels increase overall
Coughing, sinus problems, tiredness, shortness of breath all decrease
1 year 1 – 1.5 years Excess risk of heart disease is halved. Recovery rate from heart/bypass surgery almost doubled
2.5 years 5 years Lung cancer death rate for average former smoker almost halved
Risk of mouth and throat cancer halved
5 years 10 years Risk of stroke similar to non-smoker
10 years 10 years Lung cancer death rate the same as for non-smokers
Pre-cancerous cells have been replaced
Risk of cancer of mouth, throat, bladder, kidneys, pancreas decreases
10 years 15 years Risk of heart disease is that of a non-smoker

Low risk indicators: Under 35 years old; smoking 15 a day or less; good level of fitness; regular exercise taken; no persistent cough; low total consumption since starting.

High risk indicators: Over 50 years old; smoking 30 a day or more; poor fitness level; no regular exercise taken; persistent cough; high total consumption since starting.

These figures are based on research by more than one cancer society and do not represent guaranteed clinical or physical improvements to any one particular individual. It is widely accepted that non-smokers, even those who have smoked at some time in the lives, live longer and with a higher quality of life than those who smoke or continue to smoke.

Please contact Rachel to discuss how therapy can help you to create the life you want.

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