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Distant Reiki for Animals

What are the benefits of Distant Animal Reiki?

One of the many benefits of Distant Animal Reiki is that your beloved horse or animal can be anywhere in the world to receive it and they never have to leave their yard or comfort of their own home.  Reiki energy can travel across time, space and distance; to a person, animal, place or event; past, present or future.  The energy is intelligent and will always work for your highest and best good going to exactly where it is needed the most.

Distant Animal Reiki sessions are ideal for animals that are based too far for me to travel to see them in person or if you are just too busy to fit in a face to face treatment and they are able to easily and effectively receive the healing energy in the comfort of their own yard or home, at a time convenient to  you.  The energy transmissions in a remote session are just as powerful as if they were delivered in person and I regularly treat animals this way.

Reiki can help your animal in numerous ways by keeping them in good emotional, physical and mental health which in turn helps to keep them balanced.  They do not have to have specific ailments or conditions to receive or benefit from Reiki.   Animals are much more sensitive than humans to energy in general and feel Reiki energy strongly and immediately and, like humans, can become ill when emotional matters have not been resolved and released.

Distant Reiki is a wonderful way for them to experience that feel good, pick me up; that wonderful  harmony they feel when their energies are balanced in mind, body and spirit. By doing regularly scheduled sessions, they can enhance that wonderful feeling of harmony.

What can I expect during a Distant Reiki session?

Every session is unique and individual to the recipient.  Signs that the energy is moving through the animal and releasing blockages include yawning, deep sighs, coughing, rumbling tums and twitching.  With a horse, other signs of relaxation and release are yawning, licking, chewing, sighing, ears moving backwards towards his body, resting a hind leg and the head dropping right down. However, they do not have to necessarily demonstrate any of these signs as the Reiki energy is intelligent and will flow to wherever it is needed and will always work for their highest and greatest good.  There is no wrong way to experience Reiki.

Healing is a gradual process and the signs of the healing taking effect can often be subtle. In some cases symptoms get worse before they get better as the animal’s body uses the positive energy to help to repair and rebalance itself.

What do I need to do book an Distant Animal Reiki treatment?

If you’re interested in booking a distant animal Reiki treatment then all you need to do is get in touch and I will e-mail you my Distant Animal Reiki Consultation Form for you to complete and sign in advance and return before the treatment.  I will schedule a time and date with you for your animal to receive the Distant Reiki session and it is optional whether you wish to be present (it is not a requirement).

I will require a photograph (via e-mail) of your animal I am working with, including their name, age, location and any intention you have of what you wish the session to support (eg physical, mental, emotional, behavioural or health issue) which I will use to connect with during the session.

Distant Reiki sessions usually last 30 minutes so ideally they should have a quiet space where they feel comfortable and relaxed for the duration of the session.

How much does it cost?

Distant Reiki sessions are £40.00 for animals and £50.00 for horses and payable in advance via bank transfer.

What should my horse/animal do I do after the session is over?

They should have access to water as they may be thirsty and should be able to rest if they wish to as they may feel tired.  It is best to exercise them in advance but then ok for you to exercise them after a couple of hours once the healing energies have settled.

I will message you following the distant Reiki session to confirm this has been completed and ask for feedback following the treatment.  Please note that I am not a Vet and I will never diagnose.

For further information about Equine & Animal Reiki please click here.

If you are interested in booking in a distant animal Reiki session with me then please e-mail or call me on 07855 700968 to arrange this.